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Professional Dispositions

A professional disposition is the foundation for a career in teaching. A teacher does much more than distribute information to students. They communicate with community members (including parents and students), serve as role models, and handle sensitive information (such as grades and Individualized Education Plans). A teacher must be 100% professional at all times, no matter what. To do so, a teacher will act ethically, work within the school community to constantly seek improvement and resolve issues, work indovidually to improve his or her skill, and collaborate and cooperate with his or her colleagues.

Competencies for Professional Dispositions:
  • Demonstrates professional demeanor and ethical behavior.
  • Participates in and applies professional development.
  • Demonstrates effective oral and written communication.
  • Reflects actively and continuously upon practice, leading to enhanced teaching and learning.
  • Cooperates, collaborates, and fosters relationships with members of the school community.
  • Demonstrates potential for teacher leadership.


  • Student teaching evaluation
  • Recommendation letter from Cooperating Teacher